About Nita Fashions

Company History

N ita Fashions has been well recognized for its superior fabrics, meticulous hand tailoring, outstanding quality and customer service since 1953. Its owner and Chief Tailor, Mr. Peter Daswani, recently partnered with his son Anil Daswani giving the business the perfect balance of classic and modern, taking it to its peak.
Nita Fashions’ mission is to equip customers with the knowledge and bespoke wardrobe to attend every event with confidence. They are able to achieve this by working closely with clients and understanding their style and knowing what will flatter their form.
The roots of Mr. Peter Daswani’s craftsmanship are derived from the pioneer, his father - who began as an apprentice on Saville Row; as a result, his cutting style is both traditional and very British. To contrast, Anil has a very modern Italian style and technique that resembles the current running trends. His knowledge and understanding stems from being under the guidance of his Father, Mr. Peter Daswani, whilst over the years adding his own twist.

Business Environment

A t Nita Fashions, we believe in doing everything in-house. We have 65 tailors in our workshop that produce up to 30 suits and 200 shirts in a day. Even with our in-house tailors the business and craftsmanship has been passed-on from one generation to the next.

Techniques used to produce a Garment

U pon your first encounter with us, we take 36 detailed measurements of your body and posture. These detailed notations can only be identified by a professional who has years of experience in the art of tailoring. For each bespoke garment, a paper pattern is created to emulate the build and unique figure of each individual. No standard pattern can ever be used for two different individuals. These steps make the experience very personal.
At our store, you will enjoy the benefit of a muslin canvas fitting where you are able to fit the garment on you and proof the vital elements of the suit: shoulders, sleeve break, jacket silhouette, trouser break etc. After making the necessary modifications, we then open up this garment and formulate the final paper pattern.
If you have bought from us during one of our trunk shows, you will receive the suit complete for your proofing. At our store, the proofing takes place with us on site, and we are able to make any small tweaks to your garment. We want you to feel confident and composed in every garment we make you, as these clothes are the way that you present yourself to the world.